Hi, my name is Henry and this is my writing practice disguised as a travel blog. Here I'll be recording my various exploits, hot takes on pop culture and, god forbid, an occasional attempt at substance. 

My current project began as a desire to get away from my home country of the United States, so I decided to head to Cambodia to teach English. But after talking to a number of other people who also didn't know what to do with their lives, I decided it would be far more interesting to volunteer my way through Asia.

   Things I Like   

1. Stuffin' my food hole

2. Assigning postmodern philosophy to broad cultural trends and a variety of popular media of often dubious quality

3. Taylor Swift

4. Whiskers on kittens

5. The constant cognitive dissonance caused between wanting to go out and interact with the wealth of fantastic people out in the world and comfiness of my own bed

6. Saying swear words